How do you solve problems when a girl has a boyfriend and a guy best friend?

I went to Warped Tour this summer with ones of my friends. We separated at a point in the day, and when on the way back he told me about a tricky problem.

Basically, my friend (and saying "my friend" is not a cover up for "myself," I'd have no problem admitting if this actually had happened to me) met up with his girlfriend there, along with her guy best friend. He's been (officially) dating her for a bit more than two weeks, but has been seeing her pretty consistently for about a year now. She's known her best friend since middle school. My friend tells me, when they met up, while they would kiss and flirt most of the time, she also would do questionable things with her friend. For example, the three of them would be sitting down, with the three of them in a triangle, and my friend would get up to get something, and when he would come back, she had moved closer to him, facing him directly, and not moving back. He also told me that her friend asked if she wanted to sit on his shoulders, and she did. He also said there were other things that I had to be there to see, a lot having to do with body language.

On top of all that, he also told me that her friend has actually confessed to the girl that he likes her before, but she rejected him. He apparently also flipped out upon finding out that she was dating my friend. She still remains best friends with them, and they hang out almost daily.

All of this makes my friend really confused. It seems like one of those situations where nobody really wins. I get why, as her boyfriend, he's annoyed by this, but at the same time, he's also kind of the "new guy in town" (and he recognizes this too). I have my opinions on the matter, but what do you guys think?

I should also say that my friend and his girlfriend have been pretty close for awhile, beyond sex. He was hoping that she could be someone he has a future with. Not necessarily marrying her, but something serious. Based on the way he describes her, the only other two girls he has liked this much were his previous two long-term relationships, one lasting 4 years from high school until about 6 months ago, the other for 2 years in middle and high school. So he doesn't want to just let it go.


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  • I think your friend should stay away from the girl and her best 'guy friend', since they clearly have some sort of relationship that takes precedence, whatever it is. The fact that it's a little bizarre is just more reason for him to stay clear of them until they work that out, if they ever DO work that out!

    • Normally I'd agree, but he sees a future with this girl, and doesn't want something stupid like this to end it. I explained more on the update. Plus, if she liked her best friend, why wouldn't she just be dating him instead?

    • There's defintely something bizarre between her and the guy best friend...not much your friend can do about it, so he should stay clear of both of them until they have clarified their friendship to each other--or whatever they turn out to be--

      Your friend shouldn't MAKE these plans for the future until that gets worked out imao.