Did I scare him away? Or what do I do? GUYS ONLY!

Around 3 weeks ago a guy asked for my number. His cousin who was with him asked for my bffs number. We all hung out about an hr later at a diner. Then later that night at a bon fire. My bff ended up having sex with her guy a few days later, and a few days after that all contact stopped. I hung out with my guy times.When he would text me he would call me beautiful and baby. It would always be a group thing with his friends and mine, BUT we would still have our alone time. We hung out a few more times and ended up having sex at some point. He told his friends he really liked me. Soon after he stopped texting me first, and also his friends. He later said he was really busy and hadn't had time. Later on he would still ask me to hang out but I would always have to text him first. Then one night I text him and say hey. AND he replied back bye. so I took that as a hint. Then the next night I text him wanting to make sure he knew that I never text him and wanted a relationship or anything and said I only wanted to have fun. He replied talking about same. I am not sure where we stand and I don't plan on asking but I would like him to take interest again. How can I do that? and please no rude comments on how he is a jerk.


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  • You are both learning to communicate with the opposite gender, I think, and there will be some tight turns before the course is done.

    Well last time you said "hey," when you could of asked him a good time for him to go out to the next interaction. Never know who he was saying bye too, could of fat-fingered a name on the list while texting someone else. So then that you said you only wanted to have fun. What if HE wanted a relationship? He didn't want to look like the loser, so he probably texted you the same. But now maybe in his heart he doesn't feel like seeing you anymore because can't have what he wants.

    Some things to think about. You might have played it better by not texting back at all, let a day pass so as not to look too clingy, and called him voice to feel out what that 'bye' was about, and then probe more carefully about how he feels about relationship, while showing an neutral/ambivilant stance of your own.

    Where to go from here? I would ask him what's going on and if he doesn't mind re-doing the last couple of days. Texting is a neat way to communicate short little messages which are excellent for logistics, travel, meeting people, or sending little quips. But for the more serious stuff, you will be best off using voice since it conveys more emotion than smileys :)


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