What makes a guy see a girl as dating material?

I talked this guy for most of the night at a friends party the other night. I mean, we talked about everything! We laughed and I really thought we clicked. He's a really cool dude. But, when the end of the night came before he went home...he shook my hand...what?! I 'm just wondering why he only got the friend vibe from me. Was it because I wasn't I wasn't really showing signs of flirting? Maybe he just didn't see me in that way. What makes a guy see a girl as more friend material or what makes you see us as dating material?


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  • It could be that he didn't see it as acceptable to kiss you after only meeting you for the first time that night, or to shy/lacking confidence to kiss you,..to make that move and have you turn away or reject him,... that would crush him, I am the same way, ...if he sat there and talked about everything with you, I would say he is interested, he would have got up and left had he not been interested, if he is one who lacks confidence then it might be in your interest to pursue him for a while if you really enjoyed spending time with him, once he knows you're interested he will start going after you,...I could be wrong! though I wish you the best of luck.


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