Is my friend right about women?

He told me:

"Look, mate. You've totally missed the boat on this. You're horrible at seducing or even talking to women. You can't expect decent looking women if you have zero game. Doesn't matter that you're a tall athletic guy. You're straight ****ed man."


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  • Let me start with: not all women are the same. I can't believe so many of you guys truly believe all women are the same!

    Who cares if you got game? If you're a good guy but not too good and still have your own life, you don't look desperate or you're not depending on a girlfriend, if you look good, take care of yourself and have a good sense of humour, there will be some girls out there who will love you.

    So no, your friend isn't right about women because he thinks all women are the same and we only want guys "who got game".


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  • Your friend is a homosexual. You are a homosexual. You two should just go down on each other and be done with it.

    • That's mean. Please post real answer

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    • I think you should realize not everyone speaks English as first language or has same sexual preference. Its because of your stupid thinking 9/11 happen

    • The US gov plotted the attacks on the twin towers and more, you imbecile. It's because of your shallow thinking that you couldn't figure that out anymore than you couldn't figure out that what your ^friend^ is saying is a load of garbage. Again, what does it matter? You believed him before you asked this question. You want guys to tell you they need ^game^ so your ego can feel better about itself. Stupid thinking is YOU.

  • I agree-ish.

    For myself, if you're an attractive man, you are advantaged in that I'll be easily attracted to you and more likely to agree to go on a date with you.

    However, if on the date you don't have "game" (e.g. not funny, not charming..), then yes, you would be "straight ****ed".


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  • Totally true.

    A good looking guy with zero game, is going to get bitter and jaded very fast if he thinks that's all that is required and girls will throw themselves at him.

    He has to have some game. He has to have some social skills. Something that elevates him from a block of wood.

  • If you don't know how to flirt, you should be googling pick up material and learn how to tease girls. I'm tall and athletic, but had to learn game to get with chicks. Study, study, and apply!

    • I think that non-sense is beneath me.

    • Then you believe women are beneath you, because that's what attracts them. I used to think like you as well. It is rather unsettling what women find attractive and fall for, isn't it?