Will it be okay if I just wait for him to message me?

We are kind of in a long distance thing..the last time we talked was around 3 weeks ago when he messaged me if I'm doing well and we had a good chat.

He's coming back home around 2 weeks from now, I guess. So...I'm wondering, would it be okay if I just wait for him to message me again (well, if he would still want to message me) when he comes back, like if he wants us to meet up or something? He just told me he likes me a few months ago and I just want to know if he's sincere about it.

Or would he think that I'm not at all interested at him if I don't initiate a message back? just confused on what I should do..


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  • dont let confusion and ego ruin anything good between you both

    at least try once

    msg him ask him about his well being

    maybe he is waiting for you msg


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