Met this girl at a party but is now gone for a month?

Okay I just met this girl at a party last night and we had a great time and all but she is gonna be out of town for like a month, now she is a keeper and I really want to try and do so but I can't really think of a way to stay relevant in her mind for a month while the distance is so great, any advice would be greatly appreciated

I don't wanna text her too much, I mean we did only have one party together and I don't wanna screw this up because we had this moment where (as corny as this is) we just were together smoking in my room and everything just felt perfect...all in all I'm real nervous about messing this up because there is just something about this one that just has me flustered


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  • get her number so you could text her while she's away. If she's going on vacation somewhere, throughout her trip, you can ask her how her trip's going and maybe mention that when she gets back, you'd have to get together so she can tell you all about her trip.


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