How do you get close to a girl?

How do you get close enough to a girl that she would consider going out with you?

I CANNOT get a girlfriend even though I do what you're supposed to: talk to them, flirt, make them laugh, let them know you're interested, etc. But the VAST majority of girls I talk to always act like I'm bothering them if I try to have a conversation with them. Even if I'm at a social gathering like a party. THEN they ALWAYS go right up and talk to other guys.

I'm not a bad guy, I'm sweet and cute. But it's not enough apparently. I'm 23 and outgoing and everyone else around me is dating or has dated, except me. Girls will not give me a chance. What do I have to do?

It's gotten to the point where I get angry when I see a girl because I KNOW she thinks she's too good for me. And DON'T say it's because I lack confidence, because I had it before.


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  • Go to a social activity with a friend or two and look there for a girl who at least shares an interest in that activity. For example, I know a couple that met at a Renaissance Fair. They LOVED this weird hammock thing and just started helping each other try it out. Next thing you know, the guy bought one for her... asked if she wanted help setting it up at her place... and about a year later they were engaged. That was about 10 (hmm, perhaps 12 now) years ago and they're still running strong.

    Of course, they had to have more than one passing (quirky) interest in common to be successfully married, but you get the idea.

    • No I don't get the idea. That's just HOW they met. I'm asking how you get CLOSE to a girl or, because I could be in that same situation and do all the wrong things that would turn her off or put me in the friend zone.

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  • get some answers on this question I feel the same way.