Does this girl have feelings? I really need help on this!?

have a good friend who is supposed to be gay, I am a guy but one day she opened up to me and everything telling me she wanted me in her life and that if she lost me she would die and that she has always liked me not sure friend or otherwise but liked me since the first day she met me and we started talking and that if I needed her ever to call her anytime she was pouring her heart out ! Then I told her I wish I could be with you and make you happy and she started to tear up now I don't know I'm hoping this isn't fake but she seemed to be crying and really seriously pouring her heart out, she has been hurt before and said she would never fall in love again, well I asked her straight up do you have feelings form and she just looked at me and thought for a second and looked like she wanted to say something and and hesitated to say it and just said I don't know yet! Also she texts back when I text her but she never seems to want to talk I've heard she is really shy sometimes on the phone and around people she likes but I don't know she texts back but never acts too happy to hear from me and doesn't say a whole lot I'm scared that maybe she was making all that stuff up or maybe she is just scared I don't know and yesterday night she was at the club with her friends and she is a good friends with this girl that can't stand me and stuff and she completely ignored me and when I talked to her she would talk but get up a lot and follow her friends and I told her maybe I need to make a decision to let you go and she kept getting worried and asking me what my decision is what did I make and asked if I wanted to go to the other bar she looked upset when I was about to make that decision but I don't know why she didn't want to hang out she texted back all day that day I'm confused!

So she got worried about my drinking thinking I needed to slow down and everything then I asked are you there for me and she said these questions push people away, and that I just need to go slow with things with her so I did and well I saw her she said she wasn't going to drink at this club but she was there drinking anyway! So I got mad and texted her don't talk to me anymore and got mad and she got all upset saying I was always telling you the truth and she wasn't happy she looked sad and wouldn't dance with anyone and when she did she kept going outside with friends and wanted to talk privately with them and just looked sad ! Well then I tried to talk to her and her friends just got in the way and said she doesn't like you its never going to happen but she didn't say anything she just looked said and she just hugged me and was like why did you say those things and her friends told me to not text her and where mad at me but she looked sad and just said you need to quit drinking, and told me to text her when I got home to make sure I got home safe, and to text her the next day but I don't know and her friends hate me so does she like me does she have feelings please help ?


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  • it's physically impossible to read through this entire post, I tried but it just can't be done


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