What does this guy's text mean?

This guy and I had a pretty deep conversation on how much we like each other (he was out of town so it was over text-it was also the deepest conversation we've had with each other). I also was telling him it didn't feel like he really liked me because we hadn't talked in a month when we used to talk every day.

After I told him I felt confused because he didn't talk to me for a while, he told me he understands he wasn't the best guy to talk to but he really likes me more than I think, etc. His last text with that conversation said "youre the best girl I've ever met and I really like you so much it's crazy you're so down to earth and I respect everything you stand for but I don't know why you care about me so much when you could be with so many other guys instead?".

I was confused by that last part and asked if he didn't want me to care about him and he said "That's not what I meant, I was just curious about the whole ordeal because I honestly don't mess around and I didn't want to be wasting your time".

I told him he wasn't wasting my time. But I'm still confused by that last text about he doesn't mess around and he didn't want to be wasting my time.

Guys, can you give some insight on what he meant by that?


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  • Means he goes straight to the point and if you don't like it then he'll be on his way.


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  • I think he's trying to find out where you stand.

    He wants to know whether you wanna get with him or not.

    As he's obviously looking for clearness, why don't YOU just directly ask him, whether he would be interested in you or not? :)

  • I think he's saying that he things you're out of his league, and he doesn't want you to play him or friendzone him, and he's also acknowledging that he isn't going to play games with you either.

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