Was being too harsh on my boyfriend?

so I asked this last night

My boyfriend and I get along well, and I trust him a lot, so none of this is from me thinking he is with another girl. I kind of like that we don't talk throughout the whole day, but sometimes we can go literally an entire day without talking, and I'll text him (only once, because I feel like he should answer within an hour or two depending what the text was) but he will go like 10 hours and no answer. I'm getting annoying with it and honestly I want more attention. I texted him finally and said "I'm going to bed, but if you want to hang out or actually talk call me one day, goodnight"

am I being crazy? He is affectionate when we are together so I can't complain about that but All I want is to know that he actually thinks about me and cares enough to text me first or actually ask me to hang out.

but I still Haven't had a reply from my boyfriend or anything. was that too harsh?


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  • There are a couple of things I'd like to point out for you.

    First of all, I think you have the right to be annoyed. It isn't polite to reply after 10 hours even when it's just a friend or a colleague. I think it's rude and makes you think that this person either doesn't care or is pretending not to care (playing games). I know how you feel.

    Second of all, and although I've said that you have the right to be annoyed, a lot of guys act like that. When guys are focused on something, they tend to forget anyone else. He might be out with friends or busy at work/school. He might saw the message but forgot to reply or didn't read the message at all. So yeah, it happens.

    BUT, I think if you care about someone, a simple text isn't too much to ask for. It makes you feel important. It makes you feel like he cares. So, if it was an emergency I'd say it's OK, but if it's a pattern, then you'll feel depressed every now and then and this isn't a healthy life.

    I think you should sit him down and tell him how you feel. Lovers and partners should communicate their problems or else they'll feel bitter towards each other. What you did is that you reacted to the anger you felt inside. Don't beat up yourself. You did what you thought was right at the moment. The fact that he didn't reply to your angry message is really weird. He should have asked what's wrong.

    Maybe there's an emergency? Maybe there's a problem? When he shows up, he really have to have a good explanation. His attitude is no good at all.

    My advice to you is to give him a chance to explain himself and then leave if he doesn't make you happy. Life is too short to feel unhappy for too long.

    Hope this helps. :)


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  • If he is your boyfriend then he should be giving you attention, and if he can't then he should explain why.

    • I agree, but I don't want to come off needy. It used to be great then the past few weeks have just been different.

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    • I did exactly that actually, I'm worried now. Still no response

    • You asked him and he just didn't say anything?

  • relationships are built on honesty and sharing, not assumptions.

    • its not even assumption at this point. I'm truly worried and upset because I know I have done nothing wrong. I just wanted a "hey" or anything.

  • Nah, you did just fine.


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  • Actually I think you are not being harsh enough... if a guy did that to me I would rightly assume he isn't interested enough and break it off with him right away.

    If he really did care about you and if he did thought about you then he would be showing it... and if he's playing games well, that also shows he does not really care after all.

    • i agree with you like this is ridic. I'm getting so angry right now

    • Don't be angry, look on the bright side! Now you can get rid of him and be with someone who will truly make you happy.