What does it mean when a girl responds first after the 1st date?

I had a first date last Saturday with a girl I've liked for a while and It was good overall. We went to dinner, and when we were done she suggested we watch a movie afterward, so we did. After the date, I walked her to her door, we hugged, and she said we should do it again sometime.

I was going to wait a day before I called/ texted her back, but she sent me a text the next day asking me how my day was going.

She's a coworker of mine, so I see her practically everyday, but we rarely talk at work so I was surprised that she agreed to the date in the first place.

So I can't tell if she's just being nice and wants to just have a friendly relationship or if she's actually interested and waiting for me to ask her out on a 2nd date?

Also I've been on a couple of first dates, and not once has a girl ever been the one to contact me first, and it was the day immediately after the first date.


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  • A woman takes games out of the equation, initiates first, and now you're questioning it all? lol This question makes me want to think twice before initiating again so that he doesn't get put off or confused.


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  • she really likes you and doesn't care about that whole 3 day rule crap the only reason we follow these rules is because we are told that guys do it so we hold back what we want to to right away.

  • Just roll with it,obviously she's interested.


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