Do guys like messages?

For reference in this question please look at my previous question please! :]

Do guys like messages or to be the one starting the message?

Back when my old friend seemed to hate them. I notice now he likes to the point, short and simple and little things, but not much else but some things. I believe in the past he ignored a lot of my messages because I pushed at feelings and etc. And I seemed to write too much and too fast. But now he wrote me this time, was persistent and has kept up on the conversation and a text the night after. I haven't wrote in three days. Is writing going to push again or do I wait for his next message? Do I contact to just ask how he's doing, leave it alone and wait or did he get what he wanted and plans to write when he does again? Is he going to go elsewhere for things or think I lost interest? I do know he works 3rd shift and that I'm sure is hard to do anything with, and we're very good friends outside of sex so do guys like messages or do they prefer initiating?


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  • For a second, I thought you asked if guys like massages, which I was about to answer definitely lol.

    Every guy is different. Some hate texts and would much rather talk on the phone or hang out. Others like to have that communication throughout the day.

    So you've found out this guy dislikes it. Sounds like he much rather would talk about things in person. I think you could contact him, maybe he's warming up to it too.

    • Lol! I did know that one! ;]

      Gotcha! Had that kind of feeling. But see, he told me he would text and he initiated the messages previously the other day after 3 years of nothing. I guess my fear is writing him to just have him think I am doing as I did before and holding onto things. I don't want to have him think I have feelings still, but I am still his friend. And honestly, I don't want him thinking I'm not interested otherwise.

      Should I let him write me though? Or should I go ahead?

    • Yeah I think you should, 3 days is a good amount of time passed anyways.

      He's got you overthinking things. As long as it's not 24/7 messaging, I wouldn't think it's bothering him at all.

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