Haven't kissed after 4 dates, is that weird?

and we are going on a 5th kind of feels like we are just friends now except we have held hands.


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  • He's probably just shy when it comes to that stuff.

    I'm surprised though. Mostly, if I wouldn't kiss a girl when we're in the early stages of dating, its because I'm not entirely sure she's in to me. But since you guys held hands, that's a pretty clear sign that you want more than just a friendship.

    I suppose the best way is ask him what he sees in your guys' future. Just a friendship? Or a possible relationship?

    I would say wait and see the next date. If he doesn't then maybe its a sign to just accept a friendship, but then again, it would suck to lose a shot at a great guy just because he is a little gun shy. I guess just go with the flow and see what happens.

    • yeah I think he is shy, but if he likes me he should be more confident, otherwise it's a bit of a turn off and I see him as just a friend, and think kissing would be a bit awkward.

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  • Well some guys like to take things slow, some to emphasize the fact that they're trying to get to know you and not just after the physical.

    • yeah but then it feels like we are just friends :/

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    • Sure. Then all you can do is wait or leave him.

    • yeah I know, I will go on one more date, after that if he doesn't show any interest then we can just be friends.

  • Yes. A real man would've kissed by the third for sure, if not the first.

    • i would've done more than kissed by the 4th lol

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    • He is just inexperienced. Just kiss him on your next date.

    • I would rather wait till he kisses me. If he doesn't by the next date I think we will just be friends.

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