He Thinks He Knows Who I am?

Okay so I am on drum line for my high school and I am the only girl on drum line. All of the guys and I switch numbers so we can go over the music and what not. So yesterday, Josh (lead snare) sent me a text saying that Ron was coming to watch us play (Ron writes our music, co-writes). So I then text my drum line instructor (he is 22 years old) and I asked him if he knew that Ron was coming and he said yeah Ron will be there all day. So then he and I started talking (which we never really do, not even in person) and I said something about how I dig Ron's ponytail and tattoos. He said oh you would like that. And I said you don't even know me. He is like, I am your teacher, I know you. I said you don't know me Because we never talk and I don't even know you! He is like, I know you. What the Hell does that mean?!


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  • He is good at reading people since he is an instructor. He might not be dead on but he is probably 90% accurate in his read of people. Some poker players are good at psychological profiling like this based on appearances alone. Perhaps you are pretty easy to read.


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  • Sounds like he's just messing around.

  • He is just trying to impose authority.


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