Is dating in uncertainty just asking for disaster?

I'm not sure if I'm ready for dating. The idea itself I suppose I do love, to have a guy who I can talk to/share things with/hug/laugh/go and do things with is appealing, but I consider how often teen relationship end in a mess, I worry that the guy will get jealous because I would probably be the kind that needs a lot of space.

And as far as I've known boys have been my friends. I'm the one girl in the swarm of ten boys who acts like them/treats them as brothers.

Recently however, a boy who TA'd for one of my classes has asked me out. I'm quite decent friends with him, we get into poke wars when one of us are bored, but we aren't casual-casual...

He came to my group during lunch during the last two weeks of school to attempt to change that I believe, and all of my friends are completely fine with him. We do have a lot in common as far as interests go, and I believe we'd be able to have decent conversations if the awkward net was ever lifted. He's a year older than me (17 to my 16), quite attractive, smart, and funny, as well as proven himself not to be the extremely jealous type (80% of my friends are guys, and he has only shown slight discomfort with me hanging out around my best-best guy friend. (Before he had believed me and him were going out, now he understands were just pretty close and, while he tip toes around sometimes, has come to accept that he is my friend and I do hang out with him quite a bit) (Also know, I will never give up any of my friends for a boy, just saying).

He got out of his first relationship about half a year ago, but he still seems very sensitive talking about his ex, who is now in college, but still one of my friends.

I don't want to risk getting caught into the mess relationship, and fear that my independence/ uncertainty will mess everything up. the same time the thought of being a relationship feels like it'd be a nice change (Sorry, I'm really confused here...).

Originally I said that I only thought of him as a friend (that is true...I don't know if I see him as more just yet, but recently when he asked me to go hang out/go on a double date with one of our mutual friends I agreed (thanks to scheduling conflicts we have yet to do so)).

As I said, my best friend is a guy, who I talk to multiple times a day without issue, yet I feel odd talking to the other boy even once every two days, for I feel like I'm leading him on/giving him hope when I still don't even know what to think of it...

What do you think? Would it be horrible for me to date someone I'm still uncertain about? Do you think I should just take a chance at it?


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  • If you're unsure about it, to the extent of writing this much lol, then I think you should take things slow and just think about it for a while more.

    Your comfort when it comes to dating is very important.


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