I want to start dating, what's step 1?

I'm brand new to dating and I wanted to know places where I should go to meet people. And any other info that I should take into consideration when I'm playing the field.

Cool, thanks for the feedback. Highly appreciated, I'ma do these things and let ya know how it goes


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  • how old are you?

    first off to start dating I think you just have to make friends of either gender, and then your friends will introduce you to friends who they know are single and looking. usually this will be at a party, a club or hang out thing at someone's house.

    that's how I met a lot of people and dated.

    the first guy I really dated I met at work though, so you never know.

    the second guy I met at a club and he was brother's with the gay guy I was roommates with.

    the third guy I met was at a club, and he was the brother of a friend who was a friend of my friend.

    the fourth guy I dated was a childhood friend of my neighbor/friend. I met him at a house party, it was his birthday.

    and so on and so forth.

    Just be friendly, show that you're interested and that you are a fun guy with a straight head.


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  • Have you got friends who could introduce you to other people? Uni, college or school you can meet people. How about in shopping centres or on holiday. If they all seem to fail add someone on Facebook and get to know them and meet them. Finallydating websites.


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  • Random cold approaches are a good first step and nothing short of thrilling; When you see a lady you want to hump, just walk right up to her and say "Hi, how are you today"?, "My names Skinyhollow, what's yours"? Use the direct approach (show interest in her right away).

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