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So a guy posted on here wondering what people think when they see a hot girl with a fat unattractive guy. I wonder what people think when they see a hot guy with a fat girl regardless of attractiveness. (Mainly because it seems that its easier to have a pretty face as an overweight female versus a guy, but that's just me)


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  • I think that guy likes her for some other reason than her wrapper.

    Perhaps she's funny, kind, loyal. Or just plain fun to spend time with.

    It does pique my interest, though. I want to find what that reason is, for the superficial child that we all have to bitch slap in the back of our heads.

    Usually I am rewarded with a story about how they met, why they like each other, and relieved of the obligation to think about what everyone else around me thinks about the three of us talking. I have a good time with them. On a social day.

    Any other day, I walk by and think "It's none of my damned business."


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  • I know some of these couples, the guys have a preference for fat women. Some handsome guys too I might add. Whatever floats your boat right?

    I might be bias though because I would never think of a hot woman with a fat guy that she would have a chubby-fetish...

  • in either case if one person is better looking than the other, as long as they aren't dating over money (one using the other for their money) that they must enjoy each others company.

  • I don't recall off the top of my head seeing that, but I'd think automatically he's a chill dude.


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