First [actual] date nerves...

I'm only posting this because I read that it usually helps the nerves...No real question here.

Anyways, finally going out to dinner with her. How will it go? f*** if I know. I'm nervous as hell, and if I've met anyone I'd be willing to be in a long-term serious relationship with it would be her. I've no problem dating, I never get nervous. As the girls usually mean nothing to me, and I date them to try and find someone worth going for. But, of course, I fall back to the 'high school sweetheart' deal. She's never dated before, and I've no idea why. She minimum an 8/10 for looks, and her personality is 9/10. She was always a 'high value' target so to speak, yet no-one ever managed it. She didn't even date her freshman year in college, no-one knows why. Confuses the hell out of me as well. Is she a lesbian? Just a late bloomer? What? God damn I can't stop thinking about her. What about me? How do I stack up? I'm athletic though I don't play any sport regularly anymore, I'm an outdoorsy person but still quite a Geek and gamer when I'm inside. The thing is, so is she. Well, she isn't overly athletic, but she's an outdoorsy person. And She is sure as hell a Geek/gamer as well.

Her best-friend approves of me, that much I know. Will I manage it? Will I manage to be her first boyfriend? Hell if I know, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to try. She's beautiful, and truly has a one of a kind personality.

If I could date any girl on the planet, it would be her. I really don't know what else to say. If I manage it, I'll do all in my power to keep the long distance relationship going(our universities are only about 3 hours away from each other). If I can manage this, I'll be happier than I ever have been. Hell, if I manage this, I'll delete my fap folder, whether she is open for sex or not. I'll wait, I've no problem with that, if anyone is worth it, she is.

She and I have hung out before of course, always one on 1. I've always had mixed signals from her. Some saying she's interested, others saying she isn't. Alas, I probably put far too much stock on body language and other nonverbal cues. After all, she's never dated, she doesn't know how she is 'supposed' to act.

Tonight I shall either be the happiest man alive, or I shall drink myself into a stupor before going to sleep. God do I wish it was the first one...But hey, the butterflies are gone, so that's a start. Lets see if I can manage to keep them gone.

Oh, look at that. Time to give her a call to confirm tonight is still good. Part of me is ready, the other part is not. That part better catch up soon...


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  • I'd rub one out first. It usually relaxes me before a big test or date.


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