Would you be upset if your partner talks to a friend instead of you

if you and your lover are having probs in your relationship... would you be upset if she/he instead of talking to you talk to someone else, especially if that someone is from the opposite gender, or you wouldn't care? Would you break up or just wait until things cool down?


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  • No, sometimes the best advice comes from the people that are close to you.

    Obviously, he can't go to you about the problems you two have because you both aren't able to sort them out. If you were, then they wouldn't be "problems".

    Sometimes you need another ear to listen to you so you know what steps to take. Or

    someone to speak with to shed some light on the situation or make you feel better.

    Its perfectly normal. Friends are there for that reason, I wouldn't be mad unless the person was giving him bullsh*t advice.


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  • If she's doing it out of spite or to cause jealousy, yes I'd get upset.

    I'd wait for things to cool down.

  • I would much rather have my girlfriend talk to a friend before talking to me about it as her friend will give her some 3rd part insight in the situation.

    I'd rather her refine her argument before coming at me with pure emotions.


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  • Not at all. Sometimes outside perspective is needed, an unbiased view, and sometimes the person closest to you is the last person you want to talk to. Wouldn't be worse if they didn't want to seek advice or speak to someone about any issues/problems you're having