GUYS: I thought he liked me but he doesn't and I'm kinda confused...

This guy asked me out of the blue if I liked him. He's one of my best guy friends and we have known each other for years and years. He's always very concerned for me, always asking how I am and how my days going and can tell if somethings bothering me and asks until he gets it out of me. I know for he for sure liked me back in January, but then became convinced I liked someone else and sorta gave up on me. He dated someone during the time I liked the other guy. But he broke up with her in may (and never told me anything about the relationship or about her until one day while we were talking I asked what was wrong and he said "i broke up with me girlfriend" but that's all he ever said about her) Well I had pretty much decided by after that (In June) that though I liked him I would never want to date him because I didn't want to risk losing our friendship. But he seemed to maybe like me and we started texting a lot him supposedly sending "subtly hints" he like me in our convos. So I sorta let myself become infatuated and started sorta liking him. Then a few nights ago he asked "(my name) you like me?" I wanted to say I liked him but I didn't really want to go farther then this friendship because, but I instead said "..yes..but...well do you like me?" because I thought there was a good chance he liked me and didn't wanna ruin that chance if he liked me. But he texted back "i'm your friend, but I'm just not interested in you...sorry" and it sorta surprised me...And I feel awkward about continuing to talk a lot because now he thinks I really like him, while honestly the whole time I just wanted to keep it at friends. What should I do? And why did he make a point of saying "i'm your friend" And by the way I texted at about 8 and I'm pretty sure he saw it at least by 8:30 but waited to text me until he thought I was asleep at 11:58 last night.


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  • Just be a friend, things should be fine.


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