Is there anyway to block the "send message" on my profile?

Is there anyway to remove the "send message" thing on my profile without blocking(because my intent isn't to block anyone) or disabling friends?

There's no one who is harassing me or anything but I rather not have the option to receive messages anymore. Or is it not possible?

*I don't even want friends to send me messages though. I should have mentioned that
Ok, this is the internet. If you're sensitive enough to not "like" someone or to hate them, maybe you should take your sensitive ass off of it? Especially if you're older than say, 21


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  • u:Operations is correct - choose the option so that only friends can message you. If you don't want anyone to message you, then make a general rule of thumb to ignore friend requests! :)


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  • Go to account>settings>privacy setttings and check the mark in the box labeled 'Only friends can send me messages and write on my wall' if it's not already marked and that should take care of it.


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  • 1) Your updates don't make any sense and seem to have nothing to do with your question, so

    it's confusing.

    2) Why do you even accept friend request, if you don't want to talk to people? I mean you

    can't really call them friends, if you won't even be bothered to talk to them, that's just rude.

    So, I guess just make a PSA and tell people to not talk to you, because you don't want to talk to

    them, that should get the message across. Okay, cupcake?!

    • Wtf is your problem?

    • 1) My update did have to do with my question but they deleted the persons answer

      2) Because then they continue adding. Some people here will literally add me 10x despite denying requests

    • Ah! Okay, I understand now, thanks for explaining that : ) I too, would be annoyed if people

      kept adding me all the time, despite me denying them, I imagine that must be frustrating, huh?

      And, to the person who left a comment under the question askers comment, I don't have a

      problem, I was trying to be helpful! And in case you missed it, I called her cupcake, I don't

      call people cupcake, if I'm mad at them!

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