Why a guy doesn't reply your email?

So there's a guy in my class who asked me for the phone number on the second class, he asked if we can study together and we have two "study date" .He asked if I want to have dinner together and we have one in the dining hall. He invited me to his dorm and said he just wants to find some place quite to talk and though it's a bit weird but I still went. I thought we are friends. But however he had never replied my texts nor emails (except for those texts he sent to me). For example, last weekend I sent him a email and ask him for the note from class (quite normal ehh?) and he didn’t reply. He is super smart and does have a lot of interesting hobbies that are attractive, But he is not the typical cute type and I rarely see him hang out with girls. Immodestly to say, I'm the pretty type , I'm an Asian and I was told I’m pretty by both Asian guys and American guys. I’m not expecting a relationship but I personally think it sucks to be neglected especially when it is HE who starts first.

I’m a foreign students and I think there maybe “rules” that I don’t know, would you guys give some advices for this I’m just not feeling comfortable. He’s Canadian Arabian by the way.


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  • Unfortunately, sounds like he lost interest... I can see by the way that he isn't willing to help YOU out.

    • Thanks for answering.I guess I need to get used to that, is that happening all the time in America?

    • Well I'm not so sure I'd be able to say all the time. But I think people just naturally look out for themselves, and only seek others out when it is with advantage for them too.

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