Is he annoyed by me now?

Okay, I've known about this guy since last year. However, I only talked to him a couple of times and it was just a little chit chat. Now this year, I lost weight, I'm a lot more "attractive" and he's giving me attention. I ended up hooking up with him, but never finished, because my conscious got the best of me, so I stopped midway through. Anyways, we decided to go down the friends with benefits road, but then he said never mind because he didn't want to get attached. I mean, understandable, but COME ON! Anyways, I asked him to come over and hang out with me, but he never responded back. I try not to text him everyday because I don't want him to get annoyed with me, but I really enjoy this guy's company. We both play sports are our university, and we have workouts together, so I have to see this kid almost everyday! I catch him looking at me every once in a while, so I feel like he's somewhat interested in me. I'm so confused, and I'm not sure what to do. Is he annoyed? Not attracted? Is he done because he finally got what he wanted? Should I text him again? Or am I just over thinking this? I don't understand..


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  • He never wanted a friend with benefits to begin with -- or anyone who would be.

    Your chances with him are finished.

  • Maybe he got annoyed by the fact that you stopped midway through that one time.


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