It is possbile to continuously have fail relationships?

ok since I was 18 I ve have nothing but bad luck when it comes to women, my first girlfriend cheated on me when I was out of town, another girl told me to be friends for now and I've invested in the friendship only for things to end pretty bad, another incident was me and my co worker we were good friends became close didn't care that she was a single mom, one day she met someone everything changed she even rubbed in the engagement ring on my face, another one was a friend one mine we became close one day she just hated me..then I found out she had a thing for my brother and used me to get close to him, the list goes feels like I'll never have a proper relationship, maybe I should just give up on this apsect of life Because it's been nothing but misery for me

i mean right now I have this friend and I've known her for a year now and didn't realize how much she meant to me until Feb, we've been hanging out and I'm really inlove with her I've been feeling this way since Feb and already told her but she wants me to slow down and just be friends because she said its uncomfortable, I'm happy we are friends but I want to be more but I have to respect her desicion..I've already waited 5 months I've done nothing but be kind to her and show her I care


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  • You need to stop ruining your friendships with these ladies just because you wan somebody to date...try searching outside you circle of friends, expand hour network, get on a dating website like pof and go from probably tend to do this because you feel it'll be easy because of the closeness you share with these ladies you befriend and you fool yourself thinking its a segway into a relationship when really you're destroying something more valuable a friendship these are the women you should rely on for dating advice not the ones you should be f***ing


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  • That's a terrible time you've had! But just remember to keep your head high and maybe look for a different type of girl than you usually go for. One that will love you unconditionally for you, because from those stories your typical type seems to be on the slight side of unfair and disconcerned from your emotions.

    • ive tried different approach and even went out of my comfortzone but it usually ends bad, and the funny part is after their relationships fail they call me wanting to spend time with me :( it's sad..even now I'm in love with my friend and she's told me told to slow down and just be friends and she knows how I feel

  • I have had the same problem with men. Since I was 18 I have only dated jerks, liars and cheaters. I refuse to give up each time has taught me something but it still sucks.

    • i know what you mean, but sometimes it just gets to a point where it becomes too familiar, I'm really tired of it even if the girl chases after me it end up pretty bad

    • Maybe just don't worry about being in a relationship right now. Focus on yourself.

  • People have bad relationships it's part of what you go through to find someone that you can make it work with, it also makes you appreciate it a little more when you do finally find it.

  • Same here, all confess such love for me but treat me like poop. Last guy left me for another girl in a days time. I feel I gotta change something about me. I usually have a great start, then once the honeymoon stage is over...

    • im thinking about forgetting this part of life and maybe just be like those one night stand guys no attachments

  • Well yes, but usually because you decide to continue to be in bad or failing relationships.


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  • I was a peddler @ one time.

    We have a saying.

    "For every no you get!"

    "it brings that much closer to a yes!"


    As well as relationships.

    Is a crap shoot.

    You take your chances.

    It also takes being a good of character.

    It's easy to go whatever way the wind blows.

    But! what are you looking for?


    Or! content?

    Content is when you don't care about who you make a life with.

    quality is where you look for someone that can compliment you and your life.

    And you the same.

    the friend part is the starting point of any relationship.


    women use the line to let the guy down easy.

    Not wanting to upset him.ding someone and as well as Finding love both do take time.

    • i do have a friend and I've told her how much she means to me and even told her I love her but she told me it made her uncomfortable and she told me to just slow down and be friends

  • i think bad outcomes just come from not knowing the right skills and acking experience. Trust me is not that there is something wrong with you necessarily, is that you don't know exactly what you have to do to get the girls you want. I hate that cliche bubble gum sh*t that girls feed to guys "all you need is to just be confident and be nice"; it is partially true, but the truth is that is only a fraction of the other things you need to know.

  • Love is all trial and error. Only one will really work out. You just haven't crossed paths with her yet.

    • im in love with my friend and sadly she told me to slow down and just be friends

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    • i forgot to mention that before she went on vacation, she took a photo of me on her iphone

    • Don't overanalyze things. Girls take pictures all the time. If you do start overanalyze, it's the quickest way to lose touch and fall into obsession. See the situation for what it is. As painful as it is, really isn't much you can do at this point. I guess the feelings are only one sided and you don't want that. Relationships like that are miserable for both. Hang in there!

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