What did he really mean, and why did he act that way?

So I was talking to this guy I had never met. We talked every day for long periods of time. He went on and on about how much he liked me. Then he sent a pic to me so I could see what he looked like, a few days later I sent my pic to him. After a period of not saying anything he told me I was cute but not his type. Do you think he really just didn't like the way I looked or was being honest? Then he started being short with me and we have broken off our relationship just over a picture. I don't understand why he acted that way. Even if a girl wasn't your type would you cut off all ties completely? Do you think he thought I was ugly? I really want everyones input because I just don't understand why he acted that way. Thanks in advance:)


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  • i wouldn't cut off a relationship completely over a girl being not my type, unless the type is bitch or crazy. That being said some people are only attracted to a certain type of people, he may have been telling the truth but more likely you dodged a bullet because he's superficial


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  • He was just being honest, and didn't see the point of wasting time on someone he wasn't physically attracted to.

  • This guy should be cut off from your life, isn't worth your time.

    • I agree:)but what do you think he thought about my pic?

    • I think he was being honest with you. Actually better so you aren't wasting your time with him.

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