What does he really want from me when he already has a women with a kid?

he has a girl with a kid with her, but we hanged out and one thing led to another and I'm not happy about it but I do like him and we been talking about 3 months now. I thought all he wanted was sex at first but after that happen a month after we talked, he stills text me and calls me often, if not everyday its every other day, but he spends time with me, sometimes he just comes to see me just to talk, I'm confused about the situation and he tells me he love his girl cause they have a child together but not in love with her and that his only with her because of their child. he acts like he likes me, but I want to hear what you guys think about this situation even though I know this shouldn't go on but I like be around him and forgot to mention, we were really close old friends in our younger years...


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  • He might want a new relationship, someone he can actually spend the rest of his life with.


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