Have you ever lost a woman??

by that I mean, initially you did something right and the girl was really attracted to you, you could have taken her to bed there and then, but because you were so clueless, inexperienced, scared etc. you end up doing nothing, not even first base, and later she lost interest, you got friend-zoned and she slept with someone else.

That's what I mean by "lost", has this happened to most guys?


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  • Yes I have I asked a girl to hang out outside but it started to rain. I knew no one was home and asked her to go to my place so we watched TV and she left and I heard 2 weeks later she tought I had other plans then hide for the rain

    Sure I wasn't attracted to the girl so I didn't feel bad about it

    Its not the only time this happened I even hung out with another girl and one day I recieved a call from a "friend" and we had fun that day, sadly I never saw both of them after that day

    Now they are living together and got married just because I never asked the girl and he did .. I know what happened however, he drove past us and I didn't notice so he called me and I fell for it

    But then again I learned from it nowadays I'm not letting things like this happen again

    • "someone else told me she had other plans then hiding for the rain"

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  • Yes. Few times. I don't do that any more.

  • Are you asking this q out of experience or fears of the future?

    • Experience.

      but the point is when I had the chance I really didn't think she was all that pretty like it would be a loss if I didn't sleep with her, I only met her a week beforehand, so I was like, let see how things go, but few weeks later I got real feelings for her and then a few days later she slept with someone else, we had a big drama over the phone and text and I have not seen her since and she has gone cold on me.

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