What makes guys interested in a girl again?

I met a really cute guy and we exchanged numbers. We text/call a few times but the conversation wasn't that flowing. We just stick to the basic. I'm interested in having a summer fling with him. I'm not one of those chicks who desperately want any guy to be her boyfriend because she just wants to be in a relationship so badly. I want a little fun. I don't plan to have sex with him right away. Its just not my style. Anyways, we Haven't spoke in a few weeks and I'm a little disappointed because this guy is cute and seems really fun, which is what I'm looking for right now. What can I text him to grab his attention? Any advice, in general about this whole thing will be appreciated. thanks :)


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  • Just ask him to hang out, a guy will get interested if he remembers that she's fun to be with.

    • but we haven't spoken in a few weeks. you don't think its weird for me to text him again after so long right?

    • No, not at all. It'll be good, who knows if he's missed you.

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  • What is a summer fling if you are not giving it up right away? "I'm not that kind of girl" Sure you're not, honey. lmao

    Just open your legs. That's the only thing of value about you.

    • u must be a retard.

      I can f** whoever, whenever, and wherever, (the question never asked Am I valuable or just a whore? which yes I love being a dirty little whore) just never on the first date. Its not my style. I'll flirt, kiss, touch, etc, but I won't sleep with the guy.. and maybe I should have just put fling, instead of summer fling. but damn you're useless.

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    • It's a difference because I get a high out of teasing guys. I don't let them wait because I think doing that will make them want a relationship. (which is the bulls** some girls foolishly believe) I enjoy (keyword: enjoy) waiting a little bit for sex because it turns me on. I didn't say I plan to save sex for marriage or let him wait months for it. I said not on the first date. and I'm just as dumb as the B**** that gave birth to you.

    • lol umad?

      You bring up random sh*t. I never mentioned some of that like saving yourself. Where did I say you should do that? I guess that it's just the ignorance showing through again.

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