Girls, when does love become more then it's worth?

Lets say you love a guy a lot and he loves you back a lot and you are both totally faithful to each other, at what point would this love just be so inconvenient that it was just no longer worth it? Like what circumstances (other then cheating, falling out of love, fighting) would make the relationship no longer worth it? Is there a way to fight all extenuating circumstances in favor of being together? Basically, can love triumph over all? or is that just in movies?


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  • Just think about it dude!

    What happens if some chick is faithful to you and she says she loves you, then she tells you to do things for her...

    what happens if she says

    "if you love me you would..."

    -cut off your arm for me

    -tell your parents to go to hell or kill your parents for me

    -burn your house down for me

    etc etc


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  • I was in a realtionship for 5 years with a guy who repeatedly cheated on me and lied to me and would then come back into my life and beg me to come back. I did think love could conquer all. It became inconvenient for me when I realized I had given him everything I could possibly ever give and it was never good enough for him. If both parties equally love then yes I believe that love can conquer all but love has to be equally reciprocated.

  • I don't believe anything is worth more than love. Otherwise it wasn't really love in the first place. This romantic love idea is still new in Asia though.


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