To go out with him or not?

so hook-up= making out NOT SEX

we met online he says he's here on business and wants me to come to this hotel room. I told him lets meet at a bar or restaurant somewhere and he said he's good with that. Only thing is I'm 21 and have never made out or kissed any guy before no boyfriend. I really just want to get this kiss thing over with so a guy I really like or want to approach won't flip out if I ever get a date. Yes I know I sound so desperate but everyone else I know has kissed, had sex and everything and I feel like a stupid loser.


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  • You'd have to be really careful, what do you know of the guy?

    • Just what city he's from, his first name, his business phone number (he keeps saying he can't send pics or whatever from his phone because its business) and I think he mentioned the hotel he was staying at a while before. THATS IT.

    • Sounds too fishy.

      Wouldn't it be better just to put it off, find a good guy you can trust, it'll make the whole experience better, even if you just want to get it out of the way.

    • I know, I have a really bad feeling about this. I almost had a dream yest that he was gonna rape me because my guy friend told me that this screams rape. I don't know maybe I'm just not meant to find anyone. I'm indian my parents are gonna force me to be in an arrange marriage (its not required) but since no one wants me lol

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  • Don't worry. You should have some fun. I remember my first time and I felt so inexperienced and stupid. Don't think anything of it. You should hook up with many people for experience. And it doesn't seem like you're obsessed with him. You should give him a chance like you would any other guy. Just be safe about it.