How do I get guys to ask me out in real life?

ok so I'm not very pretty, but I am smart, career oriented, funny and loyal person. every time I put myself out there try to meet guys all I get is friend zoned. Then I resorted to online dating, omg so many creeps all they want to do is either not talk to me after they see what I look like (the good ones that I like) and then the hot ones want to sleep with me. I'm a virgin, never been kissed or had a boyfriend. I'm so inexperienced it hurts:(. Someone please give me advice on how I should approach guys in real life and how not to be shot-down so much.


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  • Flirt like you have never flirted before, and dress to impress, but don't act/dress like a slut.

    • won't I just look like a retard or this girl that flirts and gets shot down (desperate). Will every guy I flirt with think I like him?

    • No, you'll look like the girl who knows what she wants. Don't flirt with everyone obviously... only the guys you like, and flirt back with guys who flirt with you.

  • You just got to vary the places you're going to look for guys. The more places, the better chances of finding someone.


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