Girls- what's your definition of hot, beautiful, cute, sexy, etc?

i honestly think I've been called beautiful more times than anything. what is a girl's definition behind all of these?


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  • Hot - You have high sex appeal. I take one look at you and my mind is racing with dirty thoughts about you.

    Beautiful - In my eyes, you are perfect. If there was one thing I'd change about your appearance it would be nothing because to me you are flawless.

    Cute - Nice to look at! (Somewhat innocent features).

    Sexy - High sex appeal.

  • Hot - Athletic body with sex appeal.

    Beautiful - Attractive face and a wonderful personality you can see through their eyes.

    Cute - Attractive face with a look of innocence.

    Sexy - Curvy body with sex appeal.

  • hot - link

    beautiful- link

    sexy- link

    cute- link

  • my definitions of those words are :

    hot : I just can't help thinking about naughty stuff when I look at him, when he stares at me

    beautiful : face is just great, body looks good, he probably looks wiser than the guy I call hot.

    cute : there's something in him makes me melt, can't point my finger at it.

    sexy : he's got a perfect body.doesn't mean it inspires...


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