Why do women get emotional after a guy friend confesses?

The story is I've been casual friends with this girl for a year now and there has been a lot of staring and smiling when I'm around on her part. She initiates at least half of the texting. We don't talk every day or even every week. Anyways after making plans to hang out she was flirting some more, I reciprocated then all of a sudden she got extremely upset and tried to back out of our plans. I told her I had a mild interest in her and she was mad. I didn't react to her emotions and it didn't upset me at all if she didn't feel the same. But why would a woman get so emotionally upset over something like this?

She was mad but seemed surprised that my interest in her was mild. After her attempt to back out of our plans I assumed she didn't feel that way and I assured her it's okay if that was the case.


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  • never assume

    • So what should I do in this situation? In the past she's randomly tried to set me up with another friend and told me to ask her out right when she tried to back out of our plans.

  • she likes you and she is mad as you don't feel the same I guess


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