My boyfriend's ex sent him an email a while back saying that I shouldn't be "threatened"?

my boyfriend's ex sent him an email a while back saying that I shouldn't be "threatened" by her. "threatened" was the word she used, and it infuriates me because she's the LAST person in the world I'm threatened by.

i get upset because she lives in a different state now than my boyfriend and I do, but she has managed to keep in contact with EVERYONE in my bf's life including his parents, just to get to my boyfriend in the hope that she and him will get back together (which she explicitly said).

my boyfriend told her to stop calling him and that he wanted nothing to do with her, and I guess he used me as an excuse (which made me mad) and that's when she said that I should "encourage" their relationship, and not see her as a "threat" because they "can't work out RIGHT NOW".

i feel like somebody needs to bring this girl back to earth because she's crazy and has still contacted him even though he said he didn't want her to.

is there ANY way that I could secretly message her so that she doesn't know its me and let her know that she's the LAST thing to a threat to me?


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  • No! She will know it's you, and the last thing you want is to get into any sort of exchange with her. That would just validate her as part of YOUR life.\

    Just ignore her totally. You can't stop her messaging his parents, and so forth, so just ignore her. Any reaction to her just makes you look insecure, and that will only encourage her!


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  • You're creating the exact response she wants, she's knowingly causing this tension between the two of you.

    Just tell your boyfriend to block her completely and that's it.


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  • First off, if your boyfriend didn't want her to contact him he would block her on all fronts; phone, email, Facebook and whatever else.

    He doesn't mind the contact, much less the fact he is telling you what this ex of his is saying and getting you riled up. He like this idea that two girls are fighting over him. And by reacting to this chick you are feeding her ego and coming off as insecure, even if you aren't.

    Don't react, if he doesn't want to hear from her he needs to man up and block her.

    There should be no need for you to message her unless you like the drama because it will only lead to more drama. Both him and her are getting their egos fed, him because his ex and you are bickering and her because you are feeding into her juvenile bull.

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