Could he really love me, or was this all just a line? See details, please.

After a girl says something encouraging to a guy, he tells her, "I love you so much, and I really mean it." The girl asks him why he loves her, just to see what he'll say, and he replies, "I just really feel a connection and I know you're here for me."

I know guys are usually very literal, but considering that this guy doesn't have much experience with physical intimacy (although he's had chances, but didn't have feelings for those girls) or romantic relationships, could he actually mean it? Or is something like that most likely a line just to get laid? How can I know?


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  • I also think he really means it. He seems to be saying that they really match up together and he feels good when with her, feels like all is right.


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  • Ok, let me tell you something. There's a difference between exchanging sweet lovey dovey words in the heat of a moment and true love that's based on a lot of different things like respect, care, devotion, communication and knowing each other for a decent amount of time.

    He's honest in what he said. You're right. Most guys are blunt and don't beat around the bush like women, but there are definitely guys who lie and would tell you fake words to get what they want. I believe he was honest though. I really do.

    I just don't want you to raise your expectations and give him your all just because he told you he loved you. It could be a feeling he experienced because you were kind to him. It doesn't mean that he will love you forever or that he can't live without you or that you're the single most important thing in his life. Don't be like other girls who fall hard after hearing sweet words from a guy.

    Love isn't about sweet words. It requires devotion, respect, care, support and whatnot. It needs time to build up. You're truly and deeply in love when you can overcome life's hardships together without having your relationship collapse.

    So, believe him but don't expect too much. Don't take it like a promise or anything. Just get to know him better, enjoy his company and wish for the best.

    I hope he treats you well and make you happy. :)

    • Thanks! That was a great answer. And he actually has also said before that he "needs" me, but I think it may be due to insecurity. And he's said he'll give up time from family and friends so he can talk to me every night for a while, but I said we werent serious enough for that and I'm not a significant enough part of his life to be put so highly yet. That was the first time he said that he was starting to fall in love with me, because I'm so understanding and don't demand so much attention.

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    • Thanks again. =) He has said he wants me often, and actually only said need once. And I agree with you about the whole trust thing, if he falls for me too soon, but the thing I forgot to mention is that we're both virgins in our early 20's, so we may be falling into that "clingy" stereotype. When we talk on Skype, he just looks and sounds so sincere, so I really think he means it, whether we both know what love really is or not. But I still like asking others with experience for moreperspective.

    • I'm sure he means it too. I'm not saying he's not sincere, but there are girls who take every single word to heart and act upon it. This will lead to a major heartbreak in the end. BUT you seem like a wise and strong girl, so you know what you're doing. Take care of yourself and your heart and Enjoy! :)