When a guy dates a younger girl is he insecure about his age?

say there is like a 10 year gap or so.

because this guy I'm dating seems a bit insecure about our age gap. he tells me things like being 30 is like being 20 with more money, that 30 is the new 20 nowadays, that he knows what he's doing in bed because he's had a lot more practice than a guy my age, that guys who are even older than he is date girls younger than I am so our gap isn't that big.

it makes him come off as insecure. is he trying to prove something to me?


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  • Yeah sounds like he's trying to convince you, or himself lol.


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  • Yes, I would probably get the same impression. It's like he's giving you his resumé to convince you or himself. Otherwise, why would he bring this up?


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  • It sounds like he's trying to convince himself and you. Maybe he's insecure and thinks that as you're in different stages in your life a guy more your age will seem more attractive to you right now than a man of his age. A 10 year age gap doesn't seem so bad the older you are like 35 and 45 but the difference between 20 and 30 is more substantial as you've either been in education most of your life so far, you've not experienced the same things as a 30 year old. If you're happy with him then reassure him, let him know the age gap isn't as big a deal as he thinks it is to you.

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