Girls, what do you think of this online ad?

I'm on a dating website. My profile gets checked out a fair bit I guess, but women never contact me or do something about it. My messages get rarely answered. So, what's wrong with me? What is it in me that make you girls run away like hell? Here's the ad.


I'm a lucky person. I was born lucky. I'm fortunate enough to have had a very good family behind my back and to have talents. I'm not einstein but am intelligent enough to enjoy being able to 'get' things. Not always though, in some situations I do look and am a bit of a retard it's ridiculous. I do not believe in star signs, yet I think that my sign does reflect who I am: gemini. I've always thought this was a thing to hide about me, but now I'm kind of proud of being one. I have strong polarities in me. I like blue skies and the sun on a Sunday morning, with the breeze on me while wearing shorts, lazying on the sofa. I feel I have a lot inside, but for some reason it's locked in, I hope I'll be able to free it within this life. I can be either very serious as well as jovial. I don't know whether I will ever fully grow up, I hope I will, yet I don't want to lose the good thing about being the kid I am. I have the good and the bad. That's good to say for marketing isn't it?


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  • Honestly - I would have thought you we're a bit of a nut and skipped to the next profile.

    1 - "Don't know whether I will ever fully grow up". Your 30 plus, grown women don't want to here that.

    2 - I don't like the "lucky" thing personally.

    3 - the whole "I like blue skies and the sun on a Sunday morning, with the breeze on me while wearing shorts, lazying on the sofa"... huh? In my head I'm like flightly Cali surfer dude... or "smoker".

    Talk about things you like, a little more about your life. We want playful, funny with a little info about them... definitely not the above

    • Why you think I'm a bit nuts? Beside that, you seem a bit angry/aggressive with me, somehow (and I don't know why)?

    • Didnt think I came off angry just honest. Best of luck with your profile.

What Guys Said 1

  • no, it's not good.

    1. there's no humor and playfulness involved. big mistake.

    2. focus on writing about life and not about your personal traits.

    xy. I wouldn't use the word luck/lucky. you want to be a maker not a taker.

    • not the answer I wanted to hear, but I appreaciate the feedback. Writing about life in what sense? Cheers