If a girl seems to really care about me, can it be assumed is interest?

I think I'm falling hard for this girl, she is the greatest and is always there to talk to me. I have the kind of personality that can crash with certain people (and a big pride too) and sometimes I get into situations that can be avoided by being a little more patient (im a perfectionist).

She has had to deal with me and my outbursts many times, but she is always there to talk to me and give me sincere advise. I usually don't listen to people but she is just so caring (she doesn't have to be) and always helps me through rough spots. Some people just listen to you but she is there and even when I'm being difficult she sticks around and talks to me.

I have always felt this chemistry between us but never acted on it and after she talked to me yesterday, I realized she is a wonderful person. Would just any girl put herself through all this? Or should I consider her something else?


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  • Good question.

    A great friend can act like that. A great lover can act like that. A crush can act like that as well.

    In order to differentiate between a great friend and a crush, you have to observe how she treats other guys. Does she care about other guy friends as much as she does for you? Is she always there for all of her guy friends? Does she put up with their attitude?

    If the answers are yes to all, then most probably she's just a great friend. On the other hand, if you receive special treatment from her, then it's definitely more than just pure friendship.

    So, basically you need to see how she deals with other guys. AND if you like her that much, why not ask her out already? :) Don't miss the chance of being in a romantic relationship with a great girl like her. In a person's life, only a very few people really care and love you and accept you for who you are. You're a lucky man :)

    Hope this helps!

    • Well, I don't think she has dealt with this before. We are like the complete opposite and we don't see eye to eye a lot of times. We have the same goals, but we go about it differently. With me she has always acted differently. She is very open and friendly with people but with me she always has this sarcastic bite and likes to tease me and stuff but she is always there to listen to me when my day isn't going well. I think I found my "guardian angel", I feel stupid for being jerky to her at times

    • If she treats you differently, then she likes you more than just a friend. :)

  • Yes but not always. :)


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