Should I text him to see if he wants to hangout?

or just wait until he texts me.

heres the deal, we've been talking for a few weeks hung out a couple of times and we text nearly everyday. yesterday I asked him if he wanted to do something but he said he was tired and hanging out with his friend and he said we'd hangout soon. but today he texted me asking me what I was doing. which too me could either mean "hey what are you doing?" like interested. or "hey what are you doing? do you wanna make plans?" cause usually when I ask a question to a guy like "what are you up too?" it means "what are you doing? come hangout with me!" so there it its. he texted me asking what I was doing 2 hours ago and I responded and he told me what he was doing so now I'm waiting for him to ask to me hangout or either getting the courage to text him. ugh guys make me so neurotic.

well I texted him and he didn't say anything but he just checked in on Facebook saying he was out with some friends and sh*t so its w/e. I'm just gonna ignore him the next time he texts me.


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  • You'll drive yourself crazy like that :D

    Listen, if you want to hangout with him, then just ask him straight if he's willing to. It's OK if he said that he had other plans with his family or friends. It's not a rejection or anything. I like to be blunt and straight forward and most guys like that as well.

    Maybe he doesn't want to hang out tonight, but is interested to know what you've been up to. OR maybe he wants you to make plans so he feels like you're interested in him like he is towards you. The best thing is to ask him straight if he wants to hang out.

    Don't be sad if he says no. It's OK. Atleast you gave it a short. PLUS, guys love it when girls make a move at least every once in a while.

    Have fun! :)

    • @ update: Atleast you tried. Keep yourself busy so he'd miss you. You shouldn't be available every time he wants to hang out. You have a life of your own.

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  • I was gonna say ignore him, but now you're doing that!


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