The guy that I like stoped talking to me... :'( advice please

so I started going out with the guy that I really like and everything was fine and we hit it off and started hanging out a lot but once we graduated high school he stopped talking to me... I really like him so much and its been 2 months since we talked so I have tried texting him 3 times to see how he's doing and he didn't reply those times (they were all different times) then I messaged him once on Facebook and still no answer this was during the 2 months since we talked and I just messaged him to day and said, " I want to know what I did for you to stop talking to me?" and now I feel embarrassed because I don't want to come off as a creepy stalked or annoying but I just really want to know why out of the blue he just stopped talking to me.. I really really like this guy we were great friends but its rude to all of a sudden stop. he just stopped talking to me out of no were I don't know what I did to make him stop talking to me, what should I do? and this is what I was thinking if he doesn't answer my email I'm just going to delete his number and him off fb and forget about him. Its going to be hard because I've liked him ever since the begging of junior year in high school. what do you guys think? need opinions please. thanks


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  • Yes, don't worry about him, he's had to have seen the calls, texts, and messages, but he's making the decision to ignore it, for whatever reason.

    It sucks, but graduation really splits people apart. Pretty weird it happened immediately though.


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