Going camping for 2 days with my boyfriend, all alone. Anything I should expect?

It'll start off with a whole day together with his family. We'll eat dinner with them, then leave to our camping area and from then on, we'll be all alone for two days. We're going there to do some rowing. It'll be my first experience.

We've gone camping last weekend at another place but we were with 8 other people. I don't think I've ever spent that long a time with him with no interruption and nobody else around. It'll be our 9 months together. No need to say to expect sex, I know. We're had sex twice in the tent last time.


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  • Banjos, rednecks with only one tooth, except for their chainsaws which have huge shiny razors for teeth. And bears.

    Of course, your boyfriend will try to protect you and get impaled on a spike, or he'll run and get impaled on a pitchfork...

    Just watch any of the Wrong Turn movies, or Deliverance.

    Just kidding. I think.

    I went camping for a while already this year and I can say to expect bugs. So take deet because that organic tree hugger stuff I tried doesn't work. I've read you can drink vinegar to repel bugs, and they don't like lemony stuff either... but carry some deet bug spray just in case. Also, you can never ever overestimate the value of a mosquito net.

    But you've been camping. I'm stupid. Last weekend. When will men learn to listen?

    Okay, so he's going to want to impress you with his camping skills, like I just did. Humor him, and bring a first aid kit, some sunscreen... there I go again.

    It will be fun rowing. I've rowed canoes, kayaks, zodiaks, and it's all good. You guys will have fun, the relationship should expand into the territory where he impresses you on a new level, and he values your input, personality, and more, out there in the wild with him. I love camping with girlfriends because it seems to open up the relationship. Playing Man Man does that for me. And I get to see if she's an incessant whiner I have to coddle, or if she can be outdoorsy and still feminine. Like a female tiger. Not a housecat.

    • You deserve a medal for that goddamn AMAZING comment. I think I couldn't have worded it better. That's what I call camper motivation! I do have a gigantic can of bug spray, an SPF 100 sunscreen spray and a few plasters for the poor boy. He's a very experienced camper and I'm a very beginner, although I've purchased quite a bit of stuff so I'm all prepared now! We'll row a canoe the whole time. He showed me how to manoeuver last time so we should be okay.

      I'm happy that you think our

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    • Thanks for the BA.

    • Great answer man ;)

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  • That sounds fun! And you covered the obvious lol.

  • Sounds fun and adventurous. You'll really get to be intimate.

  • A good time? Lots of talking?


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