I want to have a perfect date with him and just do something super sweet for him. any ideas?

So my boyfriend is leaving in a month and will be in a different city. (5 hour drive) for work but will be coming down every weekend. well before he leaves I want to have a perfect date with him and just do something super sweet for him. any ideas? and by the way sex is NOT an option. nothing sexual just something with value and something he would appreciate and maybe some gift ideas I can get him so he will remember me when he will be away? thanks guys, much appreciated. you guys are amazing :)


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  • I don't know if this is something you would want to give him, but perhaps a promise ring?

    Nothing religious.

    Just so he knows you value your relationship and intend on staying loyal to him.

    I heard of a few long distance couples doing that and it seems like a cute idea, but I guess it's not for every guy.

    Best of luck. [:

    I'm sure anything from his girlfriend will be a good gift. And as for the date, I'm sure just spending it with you will make the date special. [:

    • thanks so much! definelty will think about those. although a girl giving a guy a promise ring? a little too much maybe? I'm a bit old fashioned ;p

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  • Write a rap, record in studio and fillm it all together into a music video. Make it about your history with him and make it fun. Trust me he will not forget it..

    I just completed one like that and send it off to a Diva. Got no love in return but the message got delivered. In your case it would be more memorable to him than in my case to her. Whatever you rap about, use picture slideshows of your memories.

    • please help me then! not the best rapper out here ya kno lol

    • It starts with writing the lyrics. Whatever word you have in mind, write it on the rhymezone dictionary and it will give you a list of all the rest of te rhymin words in the englisrh language.


      Then think of the overall message you want to brin out. Write down the title and then think of the sentence. For example title: ''we met in Facebook'' Here comes the lines:

      ''Back in the days it was Nokia connecting people/

      Now Facebook connects a word & a syllablle/

  • Get him something super manly.

    Like a gun, or a compound bow.

    He'll remember you for being a down-ass chick.

  • Smile and Say Good-Bye?

  • wax his balls, that's what my girlfriend did for me and I loved every second of it

  • Maybe an ingraved necklace or something. I got an ingraved dog chain necklace. With a nice message on it.


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  • Make him a scrap book with all of your favorite pics and places you went to together, insert cute little captions and decorate it in a sweet way. Anytime he misses you he can just open it up and remember all the great things that are waiting for him at home. You could also write him a poem (even if you aren't a talented writer) and put that inside too. I did that for my ex boyfriend before he moved to florida and he loved it. He still has it. Best of luck! <3

  • I had the same issue wondering what to get my boyfriend for his birthday! What kind of things are he interested in?

    Have you ever saved cute emails, text, journal, etc? Quote those somewhere & give them too you too show him why you love him. Or write him a letter stating all those reasons! If you have pictures together, you could use those for something!

    I've seen cute key chains & stuff that had the GPS coordinates of your locations, or a special location inscribed. To some people, it would just look like a bunch of numbers, but he would know that's where his heart is!

    There's a couple ideas, I'm fine with brainstorming a little more with you if you want! :P

    • your AMAZZINNGG thank u! (:

    • haha, thanks!

      You should pick best answer, those xper points are always nice. :P

      Really though, friend me if you want & feel free to ask anything!

  • I'm not telling you because you will take credit for the super sweet idea as if it was your own genuis creativitiy when in reality, you had to go online and ask other people to help you because apparently; you lack creativiy and imagination.

    • and you lack maturity. guess not everybodys perfect (:

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    • The majority of things you do in your day to day life you do because other people did it first...

    • miabeth2, not true. You can't say that about a stranger just because you feel it may be true about yourself. I don't go around stealing romantic, cute ideas and pretending that they're mine.

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