Get him to ask me out TOMORROW!

So... I was engaged for almost a year and recently broke up with my fiance. The relationship was essentially "over" for months, though- he had developed a drinking problem, and I had to spend a couple months trying to end things in a way that was safe for me. I've been ready to end this for a while now, therefore I'm already prepared to start dating. There's a wonderful guy I would love to have ask me out, and he might want to. I'm hosting a party tomorrow and he's coming. I'd like to try to get him to ask me out, but I'll bet he's 1) shy, and 2) doesn't think I'm ready. Any tips for moving this along without asking him directly, because that's something I just don't do? I always find it's better for me if it was "his idea."


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  • "Any tips for moving this along without asking him directly, because that's something I don't do?"

    Are you serious? You are either one of those beautiful women that just intimidates men, so you are probably going to have to do this your own self.

    Just say what you would when asking him out, then get close to him and playfully flirt by touching him a little bit in a sensual way. There's no way he'll say no.

    • I like it. Sorry if I sounded snotty. It's just that all the guys I have ever asked out wound up losing interest, and I've thought, maybe they only said yes because they felt bad saying no? The guys who have asked me out, well, at least I know how they felt! Haha. PS, I was thinking about something like, "This was fun. You and I need to hang out more. Here's my number just in case that sounds good to you too." Eh? Good? Lame?

    • Doesn't matter exactly what you say as long as you gauge his interest whilst showing your interest.

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