Girl I was with before and never asked her out?

She liked me and I really liked her and haven't met her in 2 years even tho we live in the same town, I never asked her out and I let her go and my head is messed up ever since thinking about her .Now I'm friends with her on fb and she puts up pics of her and friends and some with her kissing guys and it drives me crazy so bad I cannot sleep thinking about her

,what do I do ,does anyone advice iv been with a lot of girls since and I just wish I could be with her or the thought s in my head would go away .advice please ?


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  • the biggest remedy is to talk to her, get closure, release your hidden feelings, otherwise trust me, you will remember her and think of her for the rest of your life even when you're 80 and old and wrinkly. you should man up and communicate like a grown person and be assertive, tell that person you like them and want to start things over, offer a hand in friendship too, and just be like I wanna take you out for coffee.


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  • Doe she have a boyfriend? If not then ask her to hangout and go from there. She probably still likes you, she's just having fun since she isn't attached to anyone right now. Sometimes hanging out can lead to dates. Just hangout and see where that leads you.

    • i haven't met her in 2 years I'm only friends with her on fb and she's still single

    • I understand the 2 year thing. I have that with this guy that used to like me, and I started to like him last month, but I haven't seen him in about a yr, so I messaged him saying, "Hey, I haven't seen you in a while, we should hangout!?" He said yah we should. unfortunately for me, I found out he has a girlfriend

      But she's single, nothing wrong with you asking, worst thing is she says no. At least then you will know where you stand and maybe those thoughts will go away. you know?

  • Try talking to her! You will drive yourself crazy with the unknown if you dont.

    • i haven't met her face to face in the 2 years I'm only friends with her on fbook

    • Okay start building up a dialogue via FBook and then go from there. You will only keep going crazy if you don't resolve this and get some closure for your feelings.

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