Is he tagging me along and playing mind games?

I've been dating a guy for a little over a year and things were going great. I started to freak out a bit because I wasn't sure if he was "the one". I tried to end it multiple times but never followed through. Now he's sick of it and he ended it with me. He still tells me he loves me but says he doesn't want to be with me but wouldn't mind hanging out as "friends". He also says he might change his mind about us in the future. Is he tagging me along and playing mind games? Should I just take it slow and see what happens or kick him to the curb?


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  • It depends on whether you are willing to be just friends. If you want a relationship and he does not right now, I'd say cut him loose. But don't hang out as friends under the misconception that at a later date he'll change his mind. Despite what he says, it probably won't happen. If he's not feeling it for you now, he's not going to later either.

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