Unsure of how to respond to her text?

So, a bit of back-story. I gave the girl I like a ride to work this morning, told her to have a good day; hugged her, and took off. A few hours later, I decided to send her this text:

(I was in a bit of a flirty mood + she looked amazing)

"When was the last time I said how gorgeous you are? Dang, ha ha :)"

A little while she responds with:

"What do you want... Lol"

So, my idea's for a reply are:

-"To get to know you better"


Should I tell her how I feel? Is that what she's trying to get me to say? Or am I missing something?



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  • No don't do that .. her reply is really weird , cold and on the rude side actually. I would advise you to back off, she obviously gets the hint that you are after her and that's a turn off for girls , so don't fall into this .. just pull off , don't call her .. don't reply .. let her make a move.


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  • I agree with the answers here. Be honest but keep it friendly instead of sexual. Saying you doesn't communicate anything. she won't know how to take it...s it a joke? Saying, "To get to know you better."" is direct, not a huge profession of undying love but instead a flattering opening. if she laughs it off or gives a joke response, non-committal response...you don't need to say anything more. If she says, something like..."I'd like that" or "I'm right here!" or "get to know me then"...Just go ahead and ask her to something. If no response, leave it alone until she looks for you again and maybe try spending time in a less formal way.

  • Hmmm...

    I like the first one. It's honest without being creepy. It's not so direct that it will make her defensive.

    Good luck!

  • First one. Second sounds like she's meat.

  • Tell her exactlyyy how you feel there's nothing better than having a guy tell you you're beautiful/gorgeous (: Just don't be creepy about i. Good luck!


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