Is being a ditz bad?

My friends say I act differently around guys... that I get kind of ditzy? Or spazzy? Idk, I guess when I'm around someone I'm comfortable around I am kind of silly... I wouldn't say ditzy though. I'm just kind of silly and allover the place with ideas and jokes. Just happy? Idk, I was just wondering.

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  • That is just normal flirting. It can show that a woman is a little nervous around a guy, and that is very cute. Also there is nothing wrong with being fun and all over the place. It just means that you are not boring. I don't believe that a girl is stupid, because she is a "ditz", as you put it.

    • haha yeah, if you read the comment above it makes a bit more sense. I was just so happy that it wasn't awkward b/t this guy and I. He's really really attractive and I'm really shy ha ha and we don't know each other well and I was left alone with him for 45 mins! I was nervous, but it went well and then I was so happy that I was just bouncing off the walls with happiness/excitement haha

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  • From what you described in your comment down below, it sounds like a good thing rather than a bad thing. But sometimes being extremely happy or high on life or random can get a bit annoying to some people. Not to me, personally - I like those kinds of people a lot of the time. But some people just get really annoyed when they see someone who they see as overly happy.

    • huh okay, well, idk. I hung out with this guy I never knew well and I was really nervous because my friends were late so it was just him and I. We totally had a great time chatting... I'm definitely an introvert and kind of really get nervous when I meet new people. by the time my friends got there I was so happy that it wasn't awkward that I was like bouncing off the walls with excitement. my friends talked about me behind my back later and said I act differently around guys. I don't know it was awkward

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    • Oh so it was only one of your friends?

    • lol yeah from one friend to the other

  • Depends. It can be cute, but it can be bad too.

  • It depends. There's a time for silliness, but you need to be able to distinguish between those times and when it is appropriate.

    • true true. the 2nd time we hung out I was much more relaxed. I was just so excited that I felt like I could be myself around this guy

  • It can be cute...

    • hmm yeah, I don't mean saying stupid things. Just making lots of jokes and saying things and bringing up random stuff all the time

    • That sounds more funny than ditzy to me.

    • haha oh good. yeah, idk, it was awkward. my friends were talking about me apparently... and one of them said I just act differently around guys. idk. I was a little offended, but maybe I shouldn't be. It was still awkward either way. she may have told me because she likes the guy that I was with

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