How should I proceed (female responses please!)

Thank you for taking the time to read this;

Okay so I have a date set with a chic I've know for a little while nxt Friday (not tomorrow). In my regular day to day activities I have no reason or way (with out being creey) to see her. What I am asking is how often I should text her during the week without over doing it. Also any quick convo subjects.

p.s I'm going to give her a single rose (orange or white) on date night because I wana make her smile.

much appreciated


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  • well how often do you normally text? I'd text her like at least 2 days out of the week. see what she is up to. ask her if she is watching the olympics. Maybe the day before you could ask her which color she prefers, orange or white? and she'll be like... ______, why? and you can say, you'll see :)

    something like that

    maybe text her the day before and say you are looking forward to tomorrow :)

    good luck on your date!

  • you should text her after the date, saying ┬┤it was nice taking you out blabblah┬┤ you know the jist. Around 3 to 4 days a week is fine. Depending on how many times she takes the initiative and texts you. You don't wanna go overboard with texting her when she hasn't replied your last text yet.


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