The guy that I like finally told me he didn't like anymore..

We were close for a while. Then he starts to avoid me..not answering my text especially when I try to ask about us...I pushed him on Facebook I'm and he finally said it. He said he didn't want to hurt me... Doesn't he know keeping quiet hurts even more? He says he's not ready for a relationship... We're both around 22..Is it possible for guys to still be not ready? Or could he be gay? Do you think there's a chance with us?


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  • He told you outright he does not like you so why are you wondering if he is gay, if he is not ready or even if there is a chance? The thing is, he does not like you! He could be straight and ready and you still would not have a chance.

    Forget about him, focus on finding a guy who will like you more than a friend.

    • I guess I just felt that my feelings and my time were wasted.. I don't think I can waste them on any other person anymore..they're all gonna treat me the same anyways..

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  • Lol not gay, he just doesn't like you like that.

  • Guys keep quiet most often when they don't know or are unsure about how to explain what they're thinking or feeling.

    • so..was I wrong for pushing him to tell me what he thinks..?

    • No, you can always ask what someone thinks, they may just not know what to say, especially if it's something that'll make you sad

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  • Why do you automatically assume he's gay? Just because he doesn't want a relationship with YOU that doesn't make him gay. It can be awkward when you know someone likes you and you just aren't feeling the same way. Also, guys do mature slower than girls do and tend to not want to settle down until their mid to late 20's even into their 30's and beyond. And no, I wouldn't hold out hope for him to change his mind. best of luck to you.

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