Why would a girl text me several days later after standing me up?

We knew each other for a short amount of time and agreed to a dinner after about a month of talking. Needless to say it got physical fast. She called me the next day and setup a date for the weekend. She bailed and texted me back the next day and said she forgot her phone and went to a friends place. It didn't really bother me because I made other arrangements. So, I decided to stop texting/calling (my typical juvenile response) and now she's trying to text me back and wonder how my day is going? I really liked her before... but should I still bother? Obviously she has to be interested.


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  • Let's be real she is pulling your strings. If the tables were turned she would pissed off at you. If she was really interested that so called incident would not have happened. People always try to make excuses. You will know when someone is interested in you because you don't have to guess or ask the question. Now that you no longer are giving her attention now she wants to know why... Typical.


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  • Only if you're still interested. Seems like you're both not sure about each other, but still kinda interested. I don't see the harm in giving it another go.


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